Deaf Australia’s tick of approval for organisations that employ deaf people and are accessible to deaf people

Deaf Friendly
for businesses

Does your organisation or business have staff who can use Australian Sign Language?

The Deaf Friendly Scheme connects businesses like you with the deaf community through our Deaf Friendly Business Directory so that deaf people can find out about and use organisations in their local area that are accessible and easy to use for deaf people.

It means greater access for deaf people, as well as higher turnover for your business.

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Deaf Friendly
for individuals

If you’re Deaf, hard of hearing or hearing and can use Auslan, then you should join Deaf Australia and opt-in to Deaf Friendly FREE!

You not only get membership to Deaf Australia, but you also give your employer the added benefit of advertising to the deaf community (through the Deaf Friendly Scheme) that they have staff with Auslan skills who can provide specific services to deaf people. Your employer also gets a discount on their membership if you are also part of the scheme.

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Deaf Australia
membership only

Being a member of Deaf Australia means you get lots of great benefits.

Your membership also supports the only deaf-specific advocacy organisation in Australia that fights nationally for the rights of Deaf and hard of hearing Auslan users and communities.

The Deaf Friendly Scheme is designed to benefit the whole Deaf community, but you don’t have to be part of it if you don’t want to. You can choose to continue your membership with Deaf Australia in the usual way.

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